Cloud Computing is the process by which the individual computing power and data are linked to a virtual private or public server. The link is facilitated by means of a virtual private server from the Windows – known as windows vps.

It has been noted that of late there has been a war among the famed virtual server hosts companies by means of giving statements to the media about their individual market share of cloud computing server website hosting business.

Different claims are made by the various houses but the analyst firms on the other hand maintain absolutely different views about the market shares and these conclusions do not generally or mostly fall in line with claims or often with the tall claims made.

Synergy Research Group – a leading name in the market analyst sector – have recently published a data depicting the fact that IBM and Microsoft are presently the leaders in the cloud computing host segment. This is obviously an important announcement acknowledging the fact that Amazon Web Services is already a big player in the trade.

There are also certain other revealing aspects to Synergy’s new findings as well. It shows that the IT infra market has grown at a speed of more than 45% in the last year, Te shares of IBM and Microsoft have augmented whereas that of Google and Amazon remained stagnant. But Amazon’s revenues from cloud infrastructure deliveries are stupendous of late. The story is the same for IBM and MS as well but in the latter cases the revenue is from cloud infrastructure as well as from cloud related hardware, SAAS systems etc

But it can be argued that both the two sides – IBM and MS on one hand and Amazon on the other can hike their earnings manifold once they leverage their potentially strong areas.

But all the above findings – critics will say – are based on extrapolation from raw data. There is a deep rooted story beyond these as well. Data presently available never rules out future growth of other players once cloud computing itself becomes more developed and more and more big players join in the league.

But for the present it is safe to comment that the war of words and claims can never be accepted or rejected totally. There are always words unsaid. The true picture will be clearer with the passage of some time. The technology of cloud computing itself is quite nascent at this hour and more and more facts will be revealed as days pass by.

Hybrid Cloud Computing is the secret weapon of IBM gets revealed

IBM which is possibly the leading player in the “Old Technology” era saw that the stock they owned fell 2.1 percent in the last year as soon as the large markets placed a best-selling performance that consisted of out of the world results by a great selection of technology supplies.

The present year has not been a lot better anyway for the NY-based heavyweight Armonk, as the company is taking care of a year till date loss which is of 3.4 percent in opposition to six percent gains for United States equities. If truth is to be told then stock has performed below the required level every year of the S&P 500 since the year 2012 after whipping the yardstick measurement by a broad margin in the year 2011, according to the informative data from FactSet.

Brokerage firms and organizations are not precisely keen on IBM, either as per the fact that out of twenty one market analysts, who all have reviewed the company recently, seventeen of them prescribed hold action to be taken as their rating, and three being hesitated gave a buy rating, and the rest one recommended the selling of the stock as shown in the FactSet data. On an average rate, analysts anticipates sales to reduce by 2.4 percent in the current year to 97.4 billion dollars, which when compared to the forecasts for the growth of revenue 5.4 percent for the tech business houses includes in the S&P 500.

New participants in Server Business of Cloud IBM

IBM with the near about half a million member and staffs employed under this organization have designed a plan to get back the stable condition of the company. All the plans and strategies and schemes surround around one single a bit wonky expression which is ‘PhotonVPS virtual server’. For quite a few years now the term “cloud” has been one of the most important and vital concept and a term in the computing world.

This term or rather the whole concept refers to a fashion of storing as well as processing information all through the Internet so as to make it available whenever and wherever needed in a jiffy with the use of any device. With the ever increasing growth and development of smartphones as well as tablets that claims to have regularly uninterrupted data service other than fairly low power measuring facility, has helped this sector to grow and take off matters to a different level.

List And Prices Of Different Cheap Web Host Service Providers

What is web host?

Web hosting is a business where server space is rented out to other companies who don’t have their own servers. It also includes file maintenance and providing web services to the client companies. Usually the personal websites are hosted for free of cost while commercial websites which are more complex are charged a good amount of money.

Different types of web hosting

In general there are four types of web hosting servers the shared server, dedicated server, virtual private server and dedicated server. All these servers act as a storage center for our websites but the difference lies in their storage capacity, speed control and reliability.

Names of few best yet cheap web host companies

There are many companies which offer cheap plans for web hosting. But while selecting the cheap rates we should be careful that we don’t compromise on cheap services. Some of the companies which offer cheap web host services are;

iPage – The charge of this company is $ 1.00 for a month’s service.

Webhosting Hub – The rate of this company is $3.10 per month.

Justhost – In this case the rate is $3.50 for a month.

HostMetro – Here the charge is again comparatively less i.e. $1.84 per month.

In all the above cases the domain name is allotted for free and the disk space is unlimited. But in case of HostGator where the normal monthly charge is $3.72 the disk space is unlimited but the domain name is charged at $12.95 and in case of GoDaddy the price per month is $3.99, the domain name is free but the disk space is limited to 100 GB.

After going through the list of the companies offering best yet cheap web host services it will be easier not only for me but for any to choose the best option.

Basics Of Hosting A Website

What do we mean by hosting a web?

For publishing a website in the internet a web host is essential. This web host stores the pages of the website and makes them accessible to the computers when connected to the net. When we put in the domain name in the address field of the browser, the IP address gets located and the website gets loaded. Most of the websites are accessed from a single computer which hosts hundreds and hundreds of websites. But bigger companies usually use a single system that hosts only one website. But certain websites where the traffic is huge, more than one computer is used to host a single website.

If I am interested in publishing my website then I have to avail a web hosting service. But the factors that I have to keep in mind are that the company ensures minimum downtime and offers quality technical support. For using the disk space and the bandwidth I will be charged a fee on a monthly basis.

Webhosting basics

The webhosting service should be selected on the following basis;

It depends a lot on the requirement. If my requirement is simple, then even a cheap service will be enough to meet my needs.

The hosting provider should monitor the client’s usage form time to time and escalate to the next level if the user has crossed the initial limits.

A professional web hosting service provider should be able to explain as to why there has been a sudden increase in the usage of the client.

Whenever the usage of the client increases, the extra amount should be charged reasonably by the service provider.

The size of the website is important while selecting the web hosting service. The size depends on content of the site and its flow in the internet.

Traffic of the website is another deciding factor which should be considered while selecting any web hosting service.

Proficient yet cheap web host

When we start a new business it is very important to spend money wisely and try to keep the costs low. By opting for a cheap web host company the costs can be controlled to a great extent. The starter package offers a cost effective, secured and smooth web hosting service which is enough to start off a new business.
If I am asked I would suggest that in the initial stage of business, going for an efficient yet cheap web host is a smart option.

Factors To Be considered While Choosing A Cheap Web Hosting Service

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service where the host company maintains the websites of its clients on its own computer and offers other related services too like maintenance of software and hardware, leasing the space in the hard disk, processing of the credit card, managing the mailboxes, providing internet connection at a high speed and security and backup option.

Certain factors which need to be determined while opting for a cheap web host service

When we are in search of cheap web host options then it is very vital for us to take into consideration some of the factors to make sure that our needs are fulfilled properly. The factors which we need to consider are;

The limitations – When we opt for cheap services there are certain limitations in the resources like bandwidth, allocation of physical space in the hard disk etc. which need to be considered. As, if we are not aware of the same and use up the entire amount then our visitors will not be able to access our website. We should therefore go for flexible plans so that we can upgrade it if required.

Usage – In case of personal websites where the traffic is less, cheap web hosting plans are more suitable, but if it is a commercial website then it is always batter that we opt for professional services.

Data backup – This is a very important factor. We need to ensure whether the data can be recovered if there is a disaster. So in order to keep the data safe we need to choose such a plan which has a proper backup system.
Initially I was under the impression that it is not wise to avail a cheap web host service, but after going through this article my perception has totally changed it is just that I have to myself checkout the factors carefully while selecting a specific company.

Cheap Doesn’t Always Mean Bad

What is cheap web host?

Initially when we start off with any type of business, controlling the cost is very important. Hence we should look for cheap yet reliable website hosting companies who can set up our online business. But again price should be one of the biggest factors that should be considered before making any decision. While considering the price we should not forget to compare the features as ultimately it is the deciding factor. The price of web hosting depends on a various factors including the level of the package; the entry level package is always cheaper compared to the rest.

Cheap webhosting is not always bad

There is a general idea that cheap webhosting solves only the purpose of crap websites. But the belief has totally changed as nowadays a lot of features can be availed by using the concept of the shared web hosting plans which is comparatively cheap. It is just that we have to filter out the best option. Previously people used to think that just by opting for expensive hosting plans improves the status of their website which is entirely wrong. They used to do it just because of their ego and nothing else which gave them a superior feel. Many of the webmasters were under the wrong impression that cheap web host indicates bad service as;

 They came across many negative reviews in the website spread by the competitors.

 They had many impractical expectations.

Choosing the best hosting for website

Choosing a reliable hosting company ensures that our website can be accessed at any time throughout the year and is safe. Discussed below are certain tips which will help us choose the best service provider;

We have to be aware of the different available options like Dedicated, Shared, Managed and VPS Web Hosting. If we have a clear idea about all these options then we can choose as per our requirement.

It is also important to choose a host which has a good uptime record i.e. of 99.99%.

We should choose the hosting service as per the expected amount of traffic. A shared hosting is enough when the traffic is small while dedicated server is required when a huge traffic is expected.

24 hours customer support is very essential.

Reputation of the hosting company should also be good.

PhotonVPS offering cheap web hosting service

The brand is offering a discount of 20% on SSD VPS Hosting for the month of April 2014. The offer is valid on only higher server packages. The company was founded in 2008 and is a leading service provider of affordable hosting of VPS servers having options for Plesk and cPanel. It uses the latest hosting technology and a comprehensive network. Therefore if we avail the service within this month then we can get avail a quality service at an affordable price.

So now onwards I would be opting for the cheap web host services as I have realized that for small businesses like mine this is the best web hosting option which fulfils almost all the requirements.

Why A Web Hosting Company Should Also Do Your Web Design?

internet-mapIn an ideal world, you could have developed your own website and simply chosen a web hosting company to launch your site. Actually, in the real world, many companies across the globe choose a web design company that is not necessarily their webhost. It isn’t a malpractice or a very unwise move to hire one company for your web design and another for your web hosting. But, there are some advantages if the same company does both!

• The first major advantage is price. When you hire a web design company, they are expected to get paid from you only once and rarely a few more times if they are asked to redesign the site or make some substantial changes. When you hire a webhost they would be paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually and they would charge you for the servers and associated services and infrastructure that you use. When two companies have segregated niches and they charge for limited services in regards to the whole, you would inevitably end up paying much higher. If a web design company charges you x and a webhost charges you y then a company offering you both the services will charge you z. And z will always be less than x plus y.

• Apart from saving some substantial money, you would find your web hosting company to be far more accountable. When you let one company do everything for you, they cannot pass the buck. A web hosting company may say that the designs are wrong, the coding is incorrect and the layout of the website is done poorly or some problem in the designing has crashed the site. A web designing firm may pass the buck to the webhost stating the obvious that their design is perfect and that it must be the servers or some problems at the end of the webhost. When a company is your webhost and your website developer, you have a single point of accountable contact.

• The third benefit of a web hosting company developing your website is that they would be efficiently managing their infrastructure and service vis-à-vis the website design. They can make any changes they want to at any time they need to when some settings need to be updated. Upgraded system features will not take a toll on the site because the web hosting company will automatically change features on your website. Besides, you will get many more freebies such as unlimited updates, additional discounts and even some bonus features.